Only through teaching can we educate the next generation of professionals!

Many people ask why I teach. Personally, I have a long-term commitment towards teaching, and I enjoy being intellectually challenged. I can honestly say that not only do I enjoy teaching, but I also have a natural inclination towards learning, growing, and increasing my knowledge. I feel there is a lot of purpose to what I am doing, and I truly believe that I am making a difference in people’s lives.

Since 2015, I have taught at five (5) institutions throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  During my time in teaching, I have:

  • Designed curriculum for both synchronous and asynchronous courses
  • Delivered numerous courses in Project Management including:
    • Scope
    • Procurement
    • Risk
    • Communications
    • Leadership
    • Advanced Planning
    • Portfolio Management
    • Business Management
    • Human Resources
  • Taken professional development courses in Training and Teaching through Humber College and Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC)
  • Worked as a Program Coordinator for Project Management, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Conducted Orientation sessions for new Project Management and Big Data students

Over the years, I have also discovered that HR & Project Management programs continue to attract students from a wide range of disciplines and experiences, and because of that some students struggle in keeping up with certain areas of the learning outcomes.  It’s important for instructors to realize that our beliefs and values might differ from others.  We should accept it, respect it, and recognize that diversity can be a source of learning for all students.  Developing patience, empathy, and respecting student privacy also helps, particularly when dealing with students with  Letters of Accommodation.  At the end of the day, our goal as instructors is to help students feel valued and succeed in our courses. 

My role as a Professor is not just limited to teaching.  That is just one aspect of my job.  I also devote a considerable amount of time networking with industry clients, inviting guest speakers to my classes, researching new and emerging trends/practices in project management, and taking on additional professional development courses to stay current. In 2018, I partnered with a company to create an online course called Project Management 101.  More recently, I authored The 60-Minute Guide to Project Management which is now available on Audible & Kindle Bookstore.

My Teaching Philosophy is all about the following:

  • Sharing and listening to new ideas
  • Connecting students to real life challenges and perspectives
  • Engaging students by providing a variety of learning opportunities, including:
    • Group work,
    • Articles,
    • Case studies,
    • Videos
    • Knowledge check quizzes
  • Presenting material with text and infographics
  • Motivating students to be creative, innovative, and critical thinkers

If you are interested in being a Guest Speaker in one my courses, hiring students for a position in HR or Project Management, or working together on a Capstone Project with a select group of students, then please feel free to connect with me using the button below.

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